Backup a Space

So you've been sent an address to back-up someone's space. Lets go through what you need to do.

From the dashboard, you'll want to click into the devices page. Here you'll see a list of devices you are an administrator for. In the example below, nova is running her own cobox, nova's local cobox.

Click into your space and below 'Replicate Space', there's an input field for the address, and a name for the space you want to backup.

Simply paste the address, give it a memorable and easily recognisable name for any other administrators for in this space, and hit Ok.

Now we can see at the bottom of the page that our CoBox device is replicating this space. If we want to stop backing it up, all we need to do is hit the Unreplicate button, and it will stop replicating.

Thats it! You successfully backed up a space using CoBox. Congratulations!