Want to get involved in developing CoBox? CoBox is a new open source project and all kinds of contributions are welcome.

Talk to us! You can find us on IRC in #dat on freenode (or in the browser through gitter).

Here you can find a list of our modules, all of which are hosted on our Gitlab. We encourage you to fork it, try it out, pick it apart and make pull requests!

For easier development, all our core modules have been bundled into a mono-repository, cobox-core.

Want to contribute to development and get involved in coding? Please get in contact by emailing, we'd love to hear from you.

If you want to find out more about our future road-map, you can read the future section of our MVP document released in January 2020. Some of the features we want to develop we've spec'ed out. Here's what we already have planned...

  • identity-based authentication over the hypercore protocol
  • multifeed RPC
  • FUSE mount support for Windows
  • refactor polymorphic 'space' types by allowing pluggable middleware to a single space
  • network visualisation - an accessible map of your peers and backups
  • an allow-list - one-step and no-step invitations
  • space-level file permissions and nested mounted spaces
  • replication scheduling on your CoBox device, network settings and bandwidth limitation
  • sparse replication - pick and choose the data you want
  • multiple identities - no true names
  • a match-making platform to connect humans to store back-ups for each other
  • an address and public_key registry to simplify invitations and replication