Create a Space

Once you have the client app started, you'll be prompted to give yourself a name. This is the name by which you will be known in all your spaces. Once you've picked a name you will land on the dashboard.

You can view a list of all your spaces, and you can go into each of them.

Now lets create a new space. Hit the + icon and create a space, give it a name, and hey presto, you now have your very own private space!

So lets add some files to the space.

  1. Hit the mount button. This will create a folder in your home directory under /cobox, followed by the space name. This is your space's file system and will synchronise across anyone with the space's address.

  2. Navigate to that directory and paste in the files you want to back-up

  3. Return to the interface and now at the top you can see the total space in bytes has gone up, equivalent to the size of the files you put in. You can now hit unmount and the folder will disappear.

Now we've got a space with some files in it, lets get a friend to backup your space.

The address is what you share with remote replicator devices so that they can begin backing up your space.

Copy the address and send it to the person you want to back your space up!

Sadly, at the moment, our UI doesn't support peers without a CoBox device doing backups, but this is coming really soon! If you don't have a CoBox device, but you know someone else who does, lets get them to back up your space.

Otherwise, lets setup a device.