“...just as much about technological solutions as it is about the social tissue that we can nurture-culture, [as a way] to distribute ownership and establish a shared immune system.”

CoBox is an encrypted p2p file system and distributed back-up tool. With CoBox, there are no centralised servers, no data centers, and no surviellance architecture. Its just you and your peers, providing mutual support.

  • Want to create a real-time private box for you and your mates to drop in files, share projects and collaborate?
  • Want to back-up an extensive archive of videos or photos across several remote devices?
  • Scared your rampaging toddler is going to destroy your external hard drive?

Don't worry, CoBox has got you.

Our software creates encrypted private folders on your laptop, which seed and synchronise across a distributed network. A CoBox folder is a private area accessible across multiple devices - a device can be owned by another person, or it can be another computer you own. Each folder contains its own filesystem, and, under the hood, comes with an append-only log which is used to send folder-specific messages. For example:

  • Declaring information about the current device to other friends (e.g. a name)
  • Annotating files with custom metadata
  • Sending messages to other friends within the folder, privately or publicly
  • Informing other collaborators that you have invited a new peer to collaborate within the folder