Getting Started

DISCLAIMER: Please note that CoBox is experimental software still in development. We are currently in a peer review and testing phase. Therefore, use this software at your own risk. If you do use it, and/or would like to participate in giving feedback, we have made it possible to participate in providing automatic and manual feedback within the Client App.

Magma Collective, 09.03.2020

Install the App

The App is how most people will navigate CoBox. Similar to Dropbox this opens a folder on your own computer. The big difference with Dropbox is that you can then provide a code to peers running seeders and they will host an encrypted copy of your data. You will know who has your back-ups, and how many there are. You can also invite collaborators to each encrypted folder. Follow these instructions to create your own CoBox folder

Install the Seeder

You can als join the CoBox network by running a seeder, contributing to the cooperative cloud by seeding (hosting) encrypted seeds (backups) of other peoples data for them. Follow the 5 min installation instructions to set up your own seeder.