Once you have the client app started, you'll be prompted to give yourself a name. This is the name by which you will be known in all your folders. You can change your name at any time, but the folders you create with the old nickname will persist (we'll work on being able to edit historical nicknames in a future release).

You can view a list of all your folders, and you can go into each of them.

Create Folders

Click the + icon and select the create a folder option, give it a name, and hey presto, you now have your very own private folder!

Using Folders

The client app can be used to check folder health, open the folder, delete the folder and invite friends. You can also see how much diskspace is being used.

Open Folder

Clicking this option will open the folder using your systems default file browser.

Folder health

This section contains your folders cobox folder address. You need to pass this cobox folder address to a Seeder admin for them to seed an encrypted copy of your folder.

When you close your laptop, your CoBox app will stop synchronizing data. To make sure your data is always available, it needs more seeders.

Invite Collaborators

If you have a friends cobox key then you can generate them a code which they can use to join your folder. The code is encrypted to their cobox key so only they can use the code. The code contains the name of the folder and provides the encryption key for the folder. This will allow them read files and write files within the folder.

Friends cannot be removed once added. Removing friends is on our Roadmap.

Accept an Invite

If you have been provided with an invite you can click the + icon from the homepage and choose the Join a folder option. You can then paste the code. You will now have access to the folder.


This action will remove the folder data from the machine you are issuing the delete action. However friends may still have copies of the data, and seeders may still retain encrypted copies.

You will need to type the name of the folder before the delete button appears. This action is not reversable, but you can join the folder again if there are other friends who still have the folder.