Secure your Keys

Finally, its incredibly important to back up your space encryption keys, and your own secret_key, the counter-part to your public_key. If you lose this, you will no longer appear to other peers to be the same person.

Navigate to your profile page, and hit the 'Backup identity' button. This will enable you to download a PDF of your keys, which we recommend you store in a safe location in your home. Perhaps at the bottom of a filing cabinet, or behind a picture frame.

With CoBox, its important to remember, if you lose your secret_key, its not the end of the world. You can always create another account and gain access to your spaces as long as you have the encryption_key stored in a safe location, or a friend also has a copy.

In the future, we will make it so you can recover your old secret_key using a social key recovery mechanism - you'll be able to get your friends to restore your original keys!